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  • Get a high score EMP slot JAMMER
  • Get a high score EMP slot JAMMER
Get a high score EMP slot JAMMERGet a high score EMP slot JAMMER

Get a high score EMP slot JAMMER

  • Function:win to high limit credit
  • Application:slots、fish table、jackpot slots、roulette、9 line slots、one-arm bandit and some slots machine
  • Country:America、Spain、Brazil、Chile、Honduras、Luxembourg、Costa Rica、Kazakhstan、Taiwan、New York、Hawaii、Mexico、Canada、Malaysia、Macao、Hong Kong、The Philippines、Russia、Mongolia、Cambodia、Brunei、Darussalam
  • Emial:sw79555940@gmail.com Whatapp:96398226
  • Product description: Blue EMP slot jammer can perfect the slot machine score, stable control chip can be used for a long time to achieve the user's desired score, compared with our black EMP slot jammer, it will not cause


This control product is very great and so perfect,it can crack more and more slots game machine.

With our products, you will easily win many slots and roulette
To learn more about the control effect, you can watch video tutorials in YouTube.


Video demo English


Video demo Chinese

Jammer use effect:

Rise score 3000+(this bule is standard version , can't crack the big prizes and all prizes

Manipulative way:

It can be put into your bag, cigarette box, wallet and sleeve and use this jammer

Product principle

Jammer is to disrupt and tamper the CPU processor in the game console by transmitting high frequency electromagnetic interference waves with specific data signals

Support item

SLOTS 、Roulette machine、777 machine、Jackpot、one-arm bandit and more...

About service

one to one after-sales technical support !

ignore the game updates! If the game updates, we support free updates of the latest chip for you! One purchase for life after sale! No secondary charges for any products !

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About blue product features:

1:This blue jammer is standard version,it have the latest chip in Japan (R)

2:The size of the product is very small, very suitable for hidden operation

3:Can crack win to high limit credit(no including win big prazes functions and win all prazes functions of black jammer products

4The product has charge function and can be recycled

5:With the latest imported batteries from Japan, it will be more efficient to use

6:The product has security function, and it will never let the game machine have any abnormal phenomena when it is used,your safety will be guaranteed ^_^

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About other instructions

Red switch 1:SAFE MODE(can avoid alarm sounds and machine no anything anomalies

Red switch 2:POWER

Black button:START(control jamming button)

Red indicator lights:RUNNING

Green indicator lightsSAFE MODE

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Matters needing attention in using our products:

APlease operate within 35cm effective distanceThe START key is the center radius

BStay away from pregnant women, babies, and old people when using products

CPlease keep away from metal, cell phones, computer rooms, etc. when using products

DPlease check the power, indicator, screen and interference signal before use

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Can send countries:

United States of America 美國、Belgium 比利時、Brazil 巴西、Spain 西班牙、Canada 加拿大、Chile 智利、Denmark 丹麥、Finland 芬蘭、France 法國、Germany 德國、Honduras 洪都拉斯、Greece 希臘、Israel 以色列、Japan 日本、Kazakstan 哈薩克斯坦、Italy 意大利、Hongkong 香港、Jamaica 牙買加、Indonesia 印度尼西亞、Korea 韓國、Lebanon 黎巴嫩、Luxembourg 盧森堡、Malaysia 馬來西亞、Mauritius 毛裏求斯、Mexico 墨西哥、Mongolia 蒙古、Netherlands 荷蘭、Norway 挪威、Nigeria 尼日利亞、Portugal 葡萄牙、Russia 俄羅斯、Singapore 新加坡、South Africa 南非、Switzerland 瑞士、Taiwan 臺灣省、Thailand 泰國、Turkey 土耳其、Uruguay 烏拉圭、Vietnam 越南、Uzbekistan 烏茲別克斯坦、United Kiongdom 英國、Tunisia 突尼斯、Sweden 瑞典、Australia 澳大利亞、Bangladesh 孟加拉國、Benin 貝寧、Bolivia 玻利維亞、Brunei 文萊、Burma 緬甸、Colombia 哥倫比亞、Burundi 布隆迪、Cuba 古巴、Czech Republic 捷克、Fiji 斐濟、Guam 關島、Haiti 海地、Ireland 愛爾蘭、Hungary 匈牙利、Jordan 約旦、Philippines 菲律賓、Iceland 冰島、Macao 澳門、Maldives 馬爾代夫、Netheriands Antilles 荷屬安的列斯、Latvia 拉脫維亞、Laos 老撾、Niger 尼日爾、Moldova, Republic of 摩爾多瓦、Solomon Is 所羅門群島、Togo 多哥、Uganda 烏幹達Oman 阿曼、Turkmenistan 土庫曼斯坦、Saint Lueia 聖盧西亞、Pakistan 巴基斯坦、Sudan 蘇丹、Swaziland 斯威士蘭、St.Lucia 聖盧西亞、New Zealand 新西蘭、Paraguay 巴拉圭、Samoa Western 西薩摩亞、Sierra Leone 塞拉利昂、Ukraine 烏克蘭、Panama 巴拿馬、United Arab Emirates 阿拉伯聯合酋長國、Poland 波蘭、Seychelles 塞舌爾、Sri Lanka 斯裏蘭卡、Peru 秘魯、Albania 阿爾巴尼亞、Austria 奧地利、Belarus 白俄羅斯、Bulgaria 保加利亞、Congo 剛果、Kampuchea (Cambodia ) 柬埔寨、Ivory Coast 科特迪瓦、Saudi Arabia 沙特阿拉伯、Puerto Rico 波多黎各、Zimbabwe 津巴布韋、Samoa Eastern 東薩摩亞(美)






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