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s.w is a large-scale slot machine jammer, cracker, controller, research and development base and sales center

Our slot machine jammers, crackers, controllers can work very well on all kinds of slot machines. Through the program we set, we can win jackpots, increase points and other functions.

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How does our jammer work?

The working principle of our jammer is: transmit signals through the starting keyboard position of the slot machine, and the position of the banknote recognizer and coin acceptor, and control the slot machine motherboard through the signal

The program automatically interferes and cracks

So as to get rewards and reduce the difficulty of the game and other functions

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The jammer of s.w company can work very well on different slot machines, and can also support different countries.

How do we distinguish between countries and slot machines that can be used?

All the procedures of the slot machine are fixed, the only difference is the change of style and picture. This is how we distinguish

For questions about ordering, you can consult our customer service staff

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