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As an old jammer company, we have a lot of technology patents and development experience.

The jammers we sell now are mainly divided into three class:

The first category: Slot machine jammer

The second category: fishing machine cracker

The third category: mobile game controllers

We all shot a reference video

Slot machine video:


Fishing machine video:


We have not released the mobile video on Youtub channel for the time being. Now the mobile game cracker is only sold to our old customers of s.w

Our products can support a lot of countries and support a lot of models,

Supported models almost cover all desired models and can meet many customer needs. If you don’t find what you need, you can contact our customer service staff for more information and information

contact details:



The function of our product is mainly for the type of game rather than the type of game

Our company sincerely wishes you a very good answer after using our products. What we can guarantee is: every customer will get a very good return

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